Phytostandard® Pin Sylvestre

Phytostandard® Pin Sylvestre capsules is a food supplement based on organic Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) extract.

Phytostandard® Pin Sylvestre
  • Box of 20 capsules.


• Vegetarian capsule.
• For more than 20 years, PiLeJe has been developing its know-how in phytonutrition and focusing its demands on the quality of the original fresh plant. The Phytostandard® brand thus brings together high quality plant extracts resulting from this expertise.
• Each plant can contain up to 250 compounds in its cells. All of these compounds form the totality of the plant. The extraction process is a key factor in preserving all the plant compounds. For the scots pine extracts, we have therefore selected the parts of the plant richest in compounds: pine buds (Pinus sylvestris L.) to make the Phytostandard® Pin Sylvestre capsules food supplement.
• How are the scots pine extracts for this Phytostandard® selected?
What we know most about the pine is its cone-shaped fruit: the pine cones. However, it is the buds of the branches that are loaded with compounds. Pine trees are found throughout Europe and North Asia. The buds are harvested in France in March-April. It is a delicate operation carried out by hand (the pines are 20 to 40 metres high) and requires a specific selection of buds. The buds should be neither too large nor too small: 3 cm is the ideal size. These buds are frozen on the spot, in less than 24 hours.
They are then crushed and extracted using the Phytostandard® process, which is recognised for its respect for the integrity of the plant's compounds. The resulting Scots pine extract is alcohol-free. It is then freeze-dried, i.e. cold dehydrated to be put into a plant capsule.
The manufacturing process, from Phytostandard® extraction to the capsule filling, is carried out in France, which allows product traceability from production to distribution.
• Certified Organic Agriculture, Phytostandard® Pin Sylvestre capsules guarantees that at least 95% of its agricultural ingredients are ORGANIC.


• Organic acacia fibre                                > Pinus sylvestris L. (buds) organic
• Scots pine extract
• Vegetarian capsule
• Organic bamboo Bambusa arundinacea powder (resin)
• Organic rapeseed oil

Nutritional composition:

Values For 2 capsules
Scots pine extract (buds) 308 mg

Instructions for use

Take 1 or 2 capsules a day.

Swallow with a large glass of water.
Store in a cool, dry place.