Phytostandard® Ginseng

Phytostandard® Ginseng capsules is composed of organic ginseng extract (Panax Ginseng CA Meyer).

Ginseng helps to improve physical performance.
Ginseng promotes learning abilities.
Ginseng tonifies in case of fatigue.
Ginseng helps promote vitality.
Ginseng supports the immune system.

Phytostandard® Ginseng
  • Box of 20 capsules.


• Vegetarian capsule.
• The feeling of tiredness varies greatly from one person to another. Its repercussions on the body differ according to its intensity and cause. Certain plants can then be interesting to fight fatigue naturally.
We have developed the food supplement Phytostandard® Ginseng capsules. Indeed, ginseng tones up in case of fatigue, improves physical performance and helps to promote vitality, from a minimum of 344 mg (quantity provided by 2 capsules of Phytostandard® Ginseng capsules).
• For more than 20 years, PiLeJe has been developing its know-how in phytonutrition and focusing its demands on the quality of the original fresh plant. The Phytostandard® brand thus brings together high quality plant extracts resulting from this expertise.
• Each plant can contain up to 250 compounds in its cells. All of these compounds form the totality of the plant. The extraction process is a key factor in preserving all the plant compounds. We have thus selected the parts of the plant richest in compounds: ginseg roots (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) to elaborate the food supplement Phytostandard® Ginseng capsules.
• How are the ginseng extracts for this Phytostandard® selected?
A plant renowned in Chinese medicine, ginseng is also known for its particular form evoking a human body. It is cultivated mainly in the Korean peninsula and north-eastern China. The ginseng used in phytonutrition can be white or red: we use white for the manufacture of Phytostandard® because it does not undergo any drying treatment, unlike red ginseng.
Ginseng roots grow slowly, so we wait at least 5 years before harvesting them. The fresh roots are then frozen within 24 hours to preserve all their compounds and then transported to our manufacturing site in France.
They are then crushed and extracted using the Phytostandard® process, known for its respect for the integrity of the plant's compounds. The ginseng extract obtained is alcohol-free. It is then freeze-dried, i.e. cold dehydrated to be put into a vegetable capsule. The manufacturing process, from the Phytostandard® extraction to the capsule filling, is carried out in France, which allows product traceability from production to distribution.
• Certified Organic Agriculture, Phytostandard® Ginseng capsules guarantees that at least 95% of its ingredients are organic.


• Ginseng extract                                                    > Panax ginseng C.A Meyer (roots) organic
• Organic acacia fibre
• Vegetarian capsule
• Organic bamboo Bambusa arundinacea powder (resin)
• Organic rapeseed oil

Nutritional composition:

Values For 2 capsules
Ginseng extract (roots)  344 mg

Instructions for use

Take 1 or 2 capsules a day.

Swallow with a large glass of water.
Store in a cool, dry place.


Not recommended for anyone taking antidiabetic medication. Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women and children.