Azéol AB

A food supplement based on camelina oil and essential oils of eucalyptus, cinnamon, rosemary and lemon.

Azéol AB


The AZEOL range comprises food supplements developed from research performed by PiLeJe. The basic ingredients of their formulation are either high-quality camelina oil (QualitySilver), chemotyped essential oils or plant extracts and minerals. They are presented as natural capsules or as a spray, syrup or lozenges to optimise their administration


• Camelina oil Camelina sativa (seeds) (Antioxidants: tocopherols, rosemary extract)
• Capsule (firming agents: hydroxypropyl maize starch and glycerol, gelling agent: carrageenan, acidity regulator: disodium phosphate)
• Eucalyptus essential oil Eucalyptus globulus (aerial parts)
• Cinnamon essential oil Cinnamomum verum (barks)
• Rosemary essential oil Rosmarinus officinalis (flowering tops)
• Limon essential oil Citrus lemon (zest)

Due to the natural source of the ingredients, the colour of the product may vary from batch to batch.
* A blend of essential oils tested in vitro

Nutritional composition :

Typical values For 6 capsules
Camelina oil (seeds)        1362 mg
Eucalyptus essential oil (aerial parts) 54 mg
Cinnamon essential oil (barks)  54 mg
Rosemary essential oil (flowering tops)            46 mg
Lemon essential oil (zest)      16 mg

Instructions for use

2 capsules per day up to 15 days or 6 capsules per day for 5 days
Swallow with a large glass of water, ideally during the
meal. Store in a cool, dry place.


Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women and for children under the age of 12 years old, for anyone with a peptic ulcer or gastritis, gallstones or any allergy to cinnamon or Peru balm. 
Reserved for adults.
It is recommended to limit the use in time and to ask a professional advice.