Lactibiane Buccodental

Lactibiane Buccodental contains 1 billion of a specific microbiotic strain per tablet: Lactobacillus paracasei LA 802, and vitamins C and D.

Lactibiane Buccodental
  • Box of 30 suckable tablets


Vitamin C supports the normal formation of collagen to ensure the normal functioning of teeth and gums.

Vitamin D helps to maintain normal dentition.

With a sweetener: sucralose.


Bulking agents: fructooligosaccharides, chicory inulin and microcrystalline celluloseLactic ferments (carrier chicory inulin, lactose, milk proteins), Vitamin C, Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate, Natural mint flavour (0.3%), Vitamin D3, Sweetener: sucralose

Nutritional composition :


Typical values For 1 tablet NRV* For 2 tablets NRV*
Lactic ferments 1.10⁹ CFU**   2.10⁹CFU**  
Vitamin D3 1.5 µg 30% 3 µg 60%
Vitamin C 24 mg 30% 48 mg 60%

*NRV: Nutrient Reference Values
**CFU: Colony Forming Unit

Instructions for use

Suck 1 tablet, once or twice a day for 30 days. Repeat as required.

For adults and children aged 6+.

Take after a main meal, ideally after brushing your teeth.


Store in a cool, dry place.