Lactibiane Reference

Lactibiane Référence is formulated from 4 microbiotic strains, with each 2.5 g sachet or capsule containing 10 billion.

Lactibiane Reference

Lactibiane Reference

Box of 10 capsules
Ref. 6050447
Box of 10, 2.5-g sachets
Ref. 4226764
Box of 30 capsules
Ref. 6050482
Box of 30, 2.5-g sachets
Ref. 4553210
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Sachets: Bulking agent: potato starch, Dextrose, Chicory fructooligosaccharides, Lactic ferments, Maltodextrin, Emulsifier: microcrystalline cellulose.

Nutritional composition

Typical values Per 2.5 g Per 5 g sachet
Lactic ferments 10.109 CFU* 10.109 CFU*

*CFU: Colony Forming Unit

Capsules: Bulking agent: maize starch, Lactic ferments (carrier: potato starch), Vegetarian capsule, Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.

Nutritional composition

Typical values Per capsule
Lactic ferments 10.109 CFU*

*CFU: Colony Forming Unit


One 2.5 g sachet or one capsule per day for 30 days.

Then one 2.5 g sachet or one capsule every 2 days for 2 months.


Dilute each sachet in a glass of water (150 to 200 ml) and drink before a meal.

Swallow the capsules with a large glass of water, before a meal.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Lactibiane Reference contains 4 microbiota strains with a concentration of 10 billion of:

> Bifidobacterium longum LA 101

> Lactobacillus helveticus LA 102

> Lactococcus lactis LA 103

> Streptococcus thermophilus LA 104


The microbiotic strains selected by PiLeJe for inclusion in Lactibiane Reference are registered in France's national microorganism collection (CNCM).


This product satisfies the criteria specified in the HQM (High Quality Microbiotic) Charter, which guarantees a rigorous selection of microbiotic strains and manufacturing practices which meet the highest quality standards.